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Complete Dashboard

At a glance, see how your business is doing with tracking website visits, emails, opportunities, and more

Customer Journeys

Customize and personalize the user experience from initial contact to conversion to advocacy

Filtering and Controls

Target your messaging precisely with the exact message to each lead, customer, and user

Marketing Automation

Use YNOT Market to automate communication so you can grow your business effortlessly

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Whether you're at a computer, on a tablet, or using your phone, access your data anytime, anywhere

Secure and Discrete

Your data is encrypted, protected, and only exportable once the account owner gives permission

Detailed Reporting

Dive as deep as you want into the the analytics with our lead scoring and predictive engines

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Everything You Need

Your business needs to be easy to run, with everyone using connected applications, and all of your data automatically integrated together.


Relationships form the backbone of any business, and YNOT Market puts it at the heart of yours. View the entire relationship that all of your contacts' have with your brand.

Marketing Automation

Automation in the form of triggers (looking for actions that can cause something to happen, like someone filling out a form, visiting a webpage, or clicking on a link) and actions (for example, sending emails, text messages, and scheduling calls).

Email Marketing

Targeted, professional, personalized responsive messaging with industry-leading reliability is the key to using email to grow your business and engage with your users. Our strict anti-spam stance makes sure your messages land in the inbox.

CRM and Contacts

In a single contact record, you see everything you need about someone in your CRM. Use an unlimited number of custom user-defined fields, custom objects, and documents. The CRM timeline makes it easy to see a summary of everything about a contact - emails, webpages, surveys, forms, and more all in one place.

Marketing Automation

Our drag-and-drop automation builder makes building custom journeys for your leads and contacts easy and intuitive. With every user treated with their own personal experience, you will get more engagement and growth while working less.


We have CCBill integration built in so that your subscribers are tracked into your CRM automatically, and can trigger marketing automation to maximise retention and re-subscriptions.


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"We are seeing the advantage of optimizing and automating our email marketing with YNOT Market. Being able to easily have multiple customer journeys set based on our customer vertical has improved our conversion rates and our overall email throughput."

- Clement P.
President, Bang.com

"My first month with YNOT Market has been wonderful. Your software is good, delightfully stable and nicely thought out, and your support is great! We have been able to accomplish automating our customer journeys the way we hav always wanted."

- Sharene T.
Owner, Marketing-Treff

"Thank you for the support and training! This has been one of the easiest platform transitions, especially considering how much we are scaling up our marketing and customer outreach efforts. We have seen a huge return on our investment."

- Sean W.
Sales Director, xCorp
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  • Unlimited Users
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  • CRM and Contacts
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